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Our Beverage Air commercial coolers come in 2 door and three door, refurbished cooler units. All of our two door and 3 door Beverage Air commercial coolers have glass doors and are perfect for your restaurant, convenient store or even in your grocery store. Ohio Refrigeration offers free shipping to most of the lower 48 United States. Contact us today to order your Beverage Air commercial cooler or freezer. Order multiple Beverage Air commercial coolers and save! We offer wholesale pricing on orders of 3 or more freezer units, whether it be coolers of freezers.

Beverage Air was founded in 1944 by Herman Buffington. They are a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezer equipment for the food and beverage industries. More than 60 years ago, their founder invented the first horizontal bottle cooler, which has been synonymous with innovative, high-quality refrigeration products, that has set the industry standard!

A Heritage of Expertise & Leadership

From the beginning, Beverage-Air® has remained at the forefront of the food and beverage industries. Beverage Air is commited to their customers in all industries in which they supply. With the corporation of research, innovation and responsibility Beverage Air is able of delivering the most complete line of equipment to the industries they serve.

State-of-the-Art Refrigeration Solutions

Beverage Air's vast array of solutions is built on next-generation technologies and a diligent focus on safeguarding food and beverages for safe consumption. They take pride in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art refrigeration coolers, freezers and display cases that keep food and beverages cool or frozen, while maximizing product sell-through.

A Vast Product Portfolio

Beverage-Air's portfolio of market-leading products include commercial glass door merchandisers, low temperature display merchandising cabinets, worktop and food preparation tables, reach-in merchandiser coolers, under-counter coolers, beer dispensing equipment, commercial freezers, refrigerated and dry display cases, back bar, curved glass merchandisers, counter top refrigerators, and deli display cases.

Committed to the Food Service Industry

Whether you operate a convenience store, supermarket, restaurant, home or office or other retail environment, Beverage-Air has a full range of premium refrigeration and food service equipment solutions to meet all your needs.


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Bottle Cooler
  • Functionality: Self-closing slide doors preserve cabinet temperature.
  • Durability: Tempered thermal glass provides enhanced insulation as well as ultimate safety from glass breakage.
  • Refurbished: This cooler was thoroughly checked by a certified refrigeration technician and cooled to 35 degrees.
  • Shelving: All six shelves are adjustable and additional shelves can be purchased.
  • Drainage: No drains are needed for condensattion
  • Lighting: Interior
  • Exterior Dimensions: Width 48" Depth 24.5" Height 49"


Our price: $650.00
Market price: $1499.99 save 57%
Bottom Door Hinge Kit

Factory OEM Part - 40B34-028B-02

Tensioner: Included
Finish: Black

Our price: $99.99
Market price: $124.99 save 20%
Capillary Tube - 203-039A

Factory OEM Part - 203-039A

Size - .049 ID X .099 OD X 132

Fits Models - DP41, DP46, DP67, DW49, DW64, DW79, DW94, MT17, MT18, UCR41, UCR46, UCR67, WTR41, WTR46, WTR67

Our price: $16.99
Market price: $21.99 save 23%
Capillary Tube - 203-043A

Factory OEM Part - 203-043A

Size - .054ID X .106OD X 108

Fits Models - MT15, MT17, MT19, MT20, MT22

Our price: $29.99
Market price: $37.99 save 21%
Capillary Tube - 203-056A-A

Factory OEM Part - 203-056A-A

Size - .042ID X .093OD X 120

Fits Models - PRF12-12

Our price: $28.95
Market price: $35.99 save 20%
Capillary Tube - 203-059A

Factory OEM Part - 203-059A

Size - .042ID X .093OD X 144

Our price: $29.99
Capillary Tube - 203-109A

Factory OEM Part - 203-109A

Size - .042ID X .093OD X 68


Fits Models - KR24, MT18, UCF67, WTF67

Our price: $32.99
Capillary Tube - 203-110A

Factory OEM Part - 203-110A

Size - .049ID X .099OD X 72

Fits Models

  • CRG24
  • CRG36
  • CRG48
  • KR36
  • KR48
  • KR74
  • MM27

Our price: $38.95
Market price: $44.95 save 13%
Capillary Tube - 203-124A

Factory OEM Part - 203-124A

Size - .054ID X .106OD X 120

Fits Models

  • DP119
  • DP93
  • MT21
  • MT23
  • MT27
  • UCR119
  • UCR93
  • WTR119
  • WTR93

Our price: $39.99
Market price: $44.95 save 11%
Capillary Tube - 203-126A

Factory OEM Part
Size - .036ID X .087OD X 84

Fits Models

  • EZA84
  • SP60
  • SP72
  • UCF27
  • UCF27A
  • UCF48
  • UCR60
  • UCR72
  • WTF27
  • WTF27A
  • WTF48
  • WTR60
  • WTR72A

Our price: $19.99
Market price: $29.99 save 33%
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